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Hbioinfo bridge 2020-21

Dear HBioinfo members, dear colleagues:

As Hbioinfo-2020 did not take place in 2020 and responding to multiple requests by the members of the Society, Hellenic Bioinformatics (H.bioinfo) is organizing a virtual event for the community, scheduled for June 2-5, 2021.

This event is aimed at our community members to:

  • present their work on various bioinformatics-related topics
  • network with other members of the community
  • discuss topics of common regional/international interest

and considered as a bridging event to the Hbioinfo-2021 conference later this year.

The format of the event is as follows:

Hosted by: Hellenic Bioinformatics

Participants/audience: We welcome researchers at all levels (from undergraduates to senior PIs). In order to give the stage to junior investigators, PIs are not expected to present but are encouraged to actively participate in discussions. Presentations will be scheduled after the submission and acceptance of short abstracts.

Platform: Zoom


  • 3 hours/day talks (June 2-4) plus workshop (June 5)
  • Agenda scheduled to accommodate different time zones
  • One slot per lab only (15’ incl. 3’ Q&A)
  • Best presentation awards at different levels
  • Workshop topic(s) will be shaped following a poll
  • Participants invited to select topics here
  • Breathtaking virtual social events


  • No fee
  • Registration required, check here
  • Deadline: May 5 for registration + abstract submission


  • An abstract template is provided here
  • Abstracts can be submitted at the registration stage
  • An abstract booklet will be published on F1000

Contact: info.hbioinfo@gmail.com.

Mark your calendars: further announcements will follow on H.bioinfo.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Please share responsibly: http://hbio.info/2021/04/15/hbioinfo-bridge-2020-21/.

Hellenic Bioinformatics

Hbioinfo 2020 conference

Following careful consideration of the current situation globally, the Board of Directors of Hellenic Bioinformatics and the Organizing Committee of Hbioinfo-2020, the annual conference scheduled for November 20-22 in Thessalonica, have jointly made the decision to postpone the event.

The reason for this hard decision was of course the Coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainties it has introduced related to both international travel and health safety. The fluidity of the situation right now obliges us to keep the interests of our members, fellows, invited speakers and participants above everything else.

We thank you very much for your support and commitment and we hope we will be able to host you and the event in Thessalonica in a year from now, tentatively end of November, 2021. While we still cannot guarantee at this point that the global situation will allow us to hold the conference on those days, we would still like to ask you to reserve the last of week of November 2021 on your calendars, until more concrete plans can be made for everyone.

Regretfully, it is impossible to fix future dates at this point yet we plan to do so at a later moment when the public health crisis (hopefully) eases. On a more optimistic note, we are still pursuing the option of moving the Hbioinfo-2020 online as a distributed digital event, over an extended period of time. We will circulate more information through our channels in due course, once we coordinate the necessary logistics with our invited speakers.

In the meantime, our thoughts go out to all those whose health is impacted around the world.

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Code of conduct

Hellenic Bioinformatics has adopted ISCB’s code of conduct, following a BoD decision in 2018. A direct quote of ISCB’s code of conduct for scientific conferences can be found here.


H.bioinfo 2019

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Venue for Hbioinfo2018

16-18 November 2018 • TCHM2/AR Hall | Thessalonica | Greece



Member of Elixir-Greece

Hellenic Bioinformatics is an Associated Organisation of Elixir-Greece



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H.bioinfo is now an ISCB affiliated group

Happy to announce that Hellenic Bioinformatics is now an ISCB affiliated group.