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Code of conduct

Hellenic Bioinformatics has adopted ISCB’s code of conduct, following a BoD decision in 2018. A direct quote of ISCB’s code of conduct for scientific conferences can be found here.


H.bioinfo 2019

Please share: hbio2019.hbio.info



Venue for Hbioinfo2018

16-18 November 2018 • TCHM2/AR Hall | Thessalonica | Greece



Member of Elixir-Greece

Hellenic Bioinformatics is an Associated Organisation of Elixir-Greece



H.bioinfo 2018

Please share: hbio2018.hbio.info

ECCB 2018


H.bioinfo is now an ISCB affiliated group

Happy to announce that Hellenic Bioinformatics is now an ISCB affiliated group.


H.bioinfo conference 2018

For registration, please check here.

H.bioinfo conference: 15-18 November 2018

All welcome!

Registration is now open here